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This woman's hell

the college student superwoman and wreck rolled into one

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Gena or Mommy you choose
15 April 1978
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  • hauntedbelle@yahoo.com
  • seekingsolace@livejournal.com
I am the mother of Tobias Gene Reinhold, Born January 29, 2003 and Theodore Patrick Harvey, born September 30, 2005. They're otherwise known as Toby and Teddy. I am single after a bad marriage. Finding my faith, finding my path, finding my keys to my car because my two year walked off with them. I am friends only but only to keep the ex away ask and you shall be added.

If I Were...
a stone i would be: Labradorite
a tree i would be: blue spruce
a bird i would be: a canary
an insect i would be: a butterfly.
a machine i would be: a old but dependable car
a fruit i would be: an orange
a flower i would be: a lilac.
a kind of weather i would be: a thunder storm
a kind of mystical creature i would be: phoenix
an instrument i would be: an oboe
a profession i would be: teacher
an animal i would be: dolphin
anything in the world i would be: a song
a color i would be: burgundy
a fragrance i would be: Goddess
an emotion i would be: confusion
a vegetable i would be: carrot
a sound i would be: traffic
an element i would be: fire
a car i would be: subaru legacy
a song i would be: Dolphin by Poe
to trade places with another person it would be: Tobias or Theodore
a movie i would be: heathers
if i were a food i would be: enchiladas



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